Steven Moore


Human beings are driven by desires, dreams, challenges and passion for what they do; what determines success is how much each one prepares and takes risks, along with the resolve and discipline to achieve their goals. SELECT FOOD INTERNATIONAL came about through a dream of a young man who worked in a family trade and always dreamed of having his own business; he always thought Big, focusing on providing high quality food to the North American market. The company started in 2011 to operate with a very simple, basic structure, and limited financial resources. With an initial focus on the export of Brazilian fresh Ginger, it met big obstacles, but never ceased to be thankful, because difficulties make us learn, grow and value things better. Over the years, we took part in many fairs around the world: in the Philippines, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, and the USA, acquiring the necessary Know How to ensure a continuous growth.

Select Food International has become an international reference in the export of fresh Ginger, and new products have been added to its portfolio, like Big, A-class Chicken Paws, Chinese Ginger, Chinese Garlic, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper and Coffee Beans, while company shares were sold to investors. In 2018, Select Food International CORP was established in New Jersey, NJ, to operate in the import and distribution of food in the USA and Canada, now with the most varied types of agribusiness products.

Strategically well positioned in New Jersey, close to the port, counting on premium suppliers and a complete structure that enables us to develop the best services, our Mission is to delight people by providing high quality food products that make them healthier and happier. For this, we hire experienced employees, undertake strict cargo inspections at its origin and destination, and have a modern packing house structure.

Our passion for what we do is what makes Select Food International a benchmark company in food import, export, and distribution. In 2018, we began to operate in the segment of processed products. Having traveled through 34 countries, from exotic Thailand to Italy, our accumulated experience helps us to understand that every culture has a different taste for food and different culinary secrets. Nonetheless, we manage to find special flavors that please everyone: the sauces and seasonings of our Select Food brand, an original line, with fresh products that include super concentrated Ketchup, among other sauces, all of them with a special flavor!

We are deeply thankful to our employees, partners, customers, friends, suppliers, consumers, and family: you all are our greatest asset, already part of a rich history and with the certainty that evolution will always be continuous.

Mission Vision Values