Select Food has always been cognitive of the cost factors involving the Logistics of the shipping our products to our customers worldwide. We are well established and fully knowledgeable of all aspect of international shipping.

Over time, we have developed several strong partnerships with the largest and best freight moving companies. These companies include shipments on Land, at Sea or in the Air. Furthermore, we can always track all our containers via the International Logistics tracking. This tracking system helps us also to retain strong security throughout your product’s international journey. 

Our goal is to minimize the cost of the entire logistical operation including the costs without sacrificing any quality to our products.  We manager all costs factors very carefully. These costs savings are passed on to our customers helping them to maintain their competitive edge within the food marketplace. 

Our inspectional team expands the globe with employees based in Brazil, China and Hong Kong. Once our products arrive, these employees reinforce our commitment to our product by inspecting all aspects of the handling of our products to you.

Steven Moore